Local couple starts Lake Erie Pet food offering high-quality, locally-produced food for pets!

At the Spooky Pooch Parade last October, I came across the Lake Erie Pet Food booth and was happy to see a local pet food company. Over the past few years, there have been several recalls on pet food that has caused pets to become ill or even die. The foods are found to have everything […]

Great fundraiser to save heartworm positive dogs!

  Last night we attended the 2nd Annual Holiday Hope for Hearts fundraiser which benefits heartworm positive dogs at Cleveland Animal Care & Control (CACC).  Through their partnership with Friends of the Cleveland Kennel,  the ‘Plankton Fund’ was created to address the continuous need to assist heartworm positive dogs that find themselves at the city […]

No, you may not give my dog any food – and I mean it!

Has this happened to you? You invite friends and family over for a special occasion. Everyone sits down to eat and your usually well-behaved dog is now making the rounds to each person trying to find the weak link, (“WL” for short) that will share with them some goodies from the table.  Your dog WILL find that […]

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