We adopted a new dog for Zoe!

As many of you know, we lost our sweet Zack in January after years of dealing with diabetes and other health issues.  It was, and still is, an incredibly painful loss but letting him go was the right thing to do.

In the weeks after, his litter-mate sister, seemed to lose her confidence, she ate less than usual, and she was particularly stressed when I wasn’t home. I had always assumed that Zoe always wanted to be an ‘only child’ since she seemed to only tolerate Zack. They never played together much. Zack was the outgoing, playful dog and Zoe was shy and timid and only wanted to sit on my lap. When she was next to me, and Zack came near, she often growled at him as if to say, ‘she’s mine!’  So once Zack passed, I planned to let Zoe live out her golden years as the only dog.

However, seeing her mope around the house and lose weight off her already petite, 8-pound body, I began to consider the possibility.

Consider? Yeah right!  Once you start clicking around Petfinder.com, you will be getting a dog. Before I knew it, I was filling our applications for dogs that I thought would be a good match for Zoe. I didn’t consider puppies since Zoe is 14 and needs a low-key companion. Instead, I looked for a small dog, 3-8 years old who would have a good temperament to fit in our family.

Then I saw this face on Facebook posted by Live, Love Rescue.  He was described as a 4-year old terrier/poodle mix who was playful and loving. I was the first to fill out an application on him!  After speaking to his foster mom Jamie, he seemed to be a perfect fit.  She wanted to keep “Noodle” for a few days to determine if there were any issues (very responsible foster mom!) and we were going on spring break anyway, so the timing worked out.

Jamie gave plenty of updates that week and sent a lot of adorable pics of him hanging with her Bichon Frise, Kazoo.  He was getting along well with his foster brother and seemed to be potty trained.  She figured out that he knew sit, lay down and paw, so someone had spent some time with him!  Noodle came to Live, Love Rescue from a family who had a small child who said that Noodle nipped at him. Before that, he was running the streets of Cleveland before being picked up by the City Kennel.  I’d love to know more about his history, but he’s not talking.

Jamie determined that he tends to lunge if you’re not paying enough attention to him.  That seemed fixable to me.  In the meantime, the family was toying with names for the new guy since we didn’t think Noodle was a good fit. After a week, we finally settled on Blu.  His silver coat is the main reason for the name, but we are also fans of the movie Old School.  If you’ve seen the movie, you are familiar with that character and Will Ferrell’s constant “You’re my boy, Blue!”

On March 20, Jamie brought Blu to our house to meet Zoe.  We met outside and went for a short walk so they could get used to each other on neutral territory. They did the appropriate smelling of each other and walked well together. Once Jamie was comfortable with both Blu and Zoe’s lack of posturing, we went inside, Zoe first.  Blu had already bonded with Jamie, but he did check out the house on his own and seemed confident.  Zoe sat quietly and took Blu in.  She didn’t’ seem nervous around his high energy.

Blu with Foster-Mom Jamie

Jamie approved and slipped out of our house without making a fuss.  A few minutes later, Blu figured out what was going on and looked for her for a while. Eventually, he settled down, jumped up on the couch next to me and relaxed.  I’m still shocked at how quickly he settled in, no crying, whining, nothing!

Now that’s not to say he’s perfect. When I leave, he likes to knock the garbage can over.  He also gets overexcited sometimes and knocks Zoe over. Although she’s given him a few grows and he got the warning!  Our walks are comical because Blu pulls on the leash, and senior citizen Zoe only strolls.   We are looking forward to starting obedience school in June with 2nd Chance Obedience Training.  If that goes well, we might see how Blu likes agility training. He certainly has the energy for it!

Blu has been living with us for a month now, and we have settled into a nice routine. I’m happy to say that Zoe is back to herself and eating more.  They sleep together but Blu knows to let Zoe have her space.

I still have Zack’s picture hanging in our living room and miss him. I think he would approve of Blu since he is as goofy and Zack was. I’m happy to have that goofiness back in my house.

Thank you Live, Love Rescue for taking this little guy in and matching him with us!

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

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