Ed Jamison is a Leader of the Pack!

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Ed Jamison, 
Chief Animal Control Officer,
City of Cleveland Dept. of Public Safety
Division of Animal Care and Control

(CDB– Cleveland Dog Blog; LOTP-Leader of the Pack)

CDB:   How long have you been with this organization?
LOTP: Since June 16, 2014

CDB:   What type of rescue do you work with?
LOTP:  Stray dogs from the City of Cleveland

CDB:  How many animals does your organization typically care for?
LOTP: 3500-4000 dogs annually

CDB:  How many on staff? How many volunteers?
LOTP:20 staff / 150 volunteers

CDB:  Where do you receive most of your funding come from?

LOTP:  City of Cleveland General Fund / Friends of the Cleveland Kennel (501C3)


Click here to learn about City Dogs.

CDB:  Does your organization have any unique programs?
LOTP:  CITY DOGS Cleveland – CITY DOGS Cleveland is a program of The City of Cleveland’s Division of Animal Care and Control.  The CITY DOGS mission is to increase adoptions from the City Kennel by changing the image of the pit bulls who make up the majority of the kennel population, by preparing all adoptable dogs in the kennel for lives in loving homes and by creating as many opportunities as possible for the public to meet and get to know our dogs for the terrific pets they are meant to be.


CDB:  Are there any misconceptions that you would like to address?
LOTP:  Pitbull type dogs are stereotyped across the country. I believe that all dogs are individuals, and should not be discounted simply because of their breed. These types of dogs are about 40% of our intake, and have proven that they can make amazing household pets.

CDB:  What is your favorite success story?
LOTP:  Every adoption is a success story. It starts with my Animal Control Officers safely getting the animal off the streets, and then all of the staff and volunteers helping to care for the animal and finding a forever home.

Congratulations and thank you, Ed Jamison, for being a Leader of the Pack!

There are a variety of ways to volunteer for the Cleveland Kennel. We’ve attended some of their fundraisers and this group of people knows how to have fun!  Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

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