Local couple starts Lake Erie Pet food offering high-quality, locally-produced food for pets!

At the Spooky Pooch Parade last October, I came across the Lake Erie Pet Food booth and was happy to see a local pet food company. Over the past few years, there have been several recalls on pet food that has caused pets to become ill or even die. The foods are found to have everything from salmonella, listeria, even plastic among other things! This caused me to switch to an American made and sourced (meaning the products IN the food are also from America) a few years ago. So did Julie and Eric of Avon, Ohio. Their dogs, Darla and Roody had a noticeable change! They were shedding less and their breath was better. All around, they just seemed more energetic and happy.

Click here for the FDA’s recent list of pet food recalls.

The more Julie and Eric researched what goes into many grocery store brands, the more they realized they had to share what they knew with other pet owners. They were constantly met with, ‘I had no idea!” As full-time marketing professionals, they had a plan.

In October of 2015, they created Lake Erie Pet food and partner with a company in Youngstown with 38 years of experience making premium dog and cat food. They comply with European Union standards, obviously much higher standards than in the US. Lake Erie Pet Food offers four dog food flavors:
• Chicken & Brown Rice – Great basic recipe with high-quality chicken, rice, fruits & veggies
• Lamb & Brown Rice – Great for dogs that love lamb and have sensitivities to other animal proteins
• Grain Free Chicken & Field Pea – Grain free high-protein diet for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities
• Grain Free Whitefish & Duck – Essential fats and oils for skin & coat health in addition to balanced nutrition

Have a cat too? They have you covered. They have Chicken, Herring and Tuna cat food.

Lake Erie Pet Food customers waiting for dinner.

We spoke to long-time Lake Erie Pet Food customer Julie Fogel. Her dog was having a hard time eliminating. Her veterinarian suggested that she switch to a dog food with less grain. During her investigation, she decided to try Natural Balance. Around the same time, she was discussing her dog and his problems at work and her co-worker, who happened to be Julie, owner of Lake Erie Pet Food. She told her about her pet food and that night, Julie fed her dog a Lake Erie sample along with Natural Balance.  She noticed her dog  picked around the Natural Balance food and liked the Lake Erie sample. “Within the first week, I noticed he was able to eliminate without trouble and his coat looks better too!” said Julie.

As for cost, Julie says she is paying the same as she was for Natural Balance. However, she really appreciates the free delivery! “The best dog foods aren’t sold in the grocery store, so the pet store is one more place I have to stop,” said Julie. “Lake Erie pet food anticipates how much food I’m going to need and sends me an email to remind me about an order.” Lake Erie Pet food delivers their foods on Sundays. At this time, they only deliver on Cleveland’s West Side. Click  the delivery map to see if they deliver to your neighborhood.

Lake Erie Pet Food is planning to be available in local pet stores. They are investigating food packaging that would have a longer shelf life. Currently, the food arrives in an attractive burlap bag as the food is extremely fresh and meant for immediate consumption.

They currently have 200 regular deliveries and are marketing themselves through word of mouth and farmers markets. If you see them, stop by and say hello. They are generous with their samples.

IMPORTANT – If you change your pet’s food, you must transition slowly. Pets often have temperamental stomachs and a shock to their bellies often shows up later and it’s not pretty. Lake Erie Pet food has a food transition plan to avoid that problem.

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