No, you may not give my dog any food – and I mean it!

begHas this happened to you? You invite friends and family over for a special occasion. Everyone sits down to eat and your usually well-behaved dog is now making the rounds to each person trying to find the weak link, (“WL” for short) that will share with them some goodies from the table.  Your dog WILL find that weak link.  If you are lucky, that person will ask if they can give your dog a treat. This is how the conversation usually goes:

WL:  Can I give your dog some of my food.

Me:  Please don’t, he has a sensitive stomach?

WL: Oh please! He doesn’t have a sensitive stomach. Now WL brings the dog into the conversation and speaks baby talk. You don’t have a sensitive stomach, do you? She’s just mean.

Me: I’m not mean, he’ll get sick.

WL: Oh no he won’t. How do you think dogs survived in the wild all those years?

Me: There was never a pack of Yorkie-poo’s surviving in the wild. At this point, someone brings up the election and the topic

WL: Looks back at my dog and makes a telepathic deal to sneak him something later when I’m not looking.

Fast forward a few hours and you are in the kitchen cleaning after everyone has left and then you hear that sound. The dreaded stomach lurch sound that you can somehow hear no matter how loud the football game on the television is.  Then you find your pathetic looking dog standing over his regurgitated ‘treats’ and well, you know how the rest of the evening is going to go.  A few days later you start searching google for a voodoo doll of WL!

What many don’t understand is that many holiday foods can not only make pets sick, they can actually kill pets!  Below is an infographic that will be hanging on my refrigerator for all my guests to see.  Feel free to do the same.  Not only is it informative but it provides interesting facts that can help you change the subject of a potentially dangerous conversation.  For example,

WL:  I think they SHOULD build a wall!

Me:  Did you know nutmeg is lethal for pets?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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