Franklin Browns life likely saved due to dog seat belt.

You may have already heard that Senator Sherrod Brown and one of his staff were in a car accident last week in Parma.  Everyone was checked out at the hospital and all is well. The news reported that the Senator’s dog, Franklin, was also in the car but didn’t indicate if he was ok. However, we follow the Senator’s wife, Connie Schultz, on Facebook and were happy to learn that not only was Franklin ok, but he is now espousing the importance of dogs wearing a seatbelt while in cars.

We found Franklin’s seatbelt on Amazon for $11.69.  Ms. Schultz says on her facebook page “Franklin is lighter than he looks, as his layers of long fur hide a pretty small frame. This ha819jimbtc1l-_ac_ul115_rness-and-belt system kept our beloved pup in the seat and unharmed during the high-impact collision that sent both Sherrod and his staff driver Will Young to the emergency room.”

No doubt that the outcome would have been dramatically different if Franklin wasn’t wearing his harness.  I admit that Zack and Zoe have been loose in my car 1000 times; however, this was an eye-opener for me. They’re not going to like it, but they will be strapped in from now on.



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